Ratpadz Mousing Surfaces

Premium Mousing Surfaces

Ratpadz are not ordinary mouse pads. Ratpadz mousing surfaces are designed "By Gamers - For Gamers!" Ratpadz GS and Ratpadz XT prove to be two of the most accurate mousing surfaces in the world, each with its own talents. Make sure you check out our recent reviews!

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    This Thing is BIG

    The GS and the XT offer the same surface area, both 11.5” wide x 9.3” tall. The cut-out design of our GS and XT allows for users to also turn the surface sideways utilizing it on the left and right sides of the keyboard.

    Tough Construction

    Both the GS and XT are built with very tough polymers and can stand up to all sorts of gaming and LAN abuses. The XT is heavy duty and built for those that will use it for endless gaming hours. The GS is lightweight and great for travelers.

    Ratpadz™ Mousing Surfaces User Comments

    I just can't express in words the quality and enjoyability of using this pad, dare I say it is the perfect mouse pad, but "perfect" might just be the only word for the Ratpadz XT.
    - Kristofer Brozio of DragonSteelMods
    I generally change mousepads on the gaming PC around once every six months due to dirt, wear and tear. You will not run into that problem very quickly with the XT.
    – Rob Williams of TechGage
    This is one fast mouse pad. Seriously. The XT feels as slick as black ice.
    - altgamer.com